Old Millionare Lover

An old millionare bussinesman gets married to a beautiful young lady and on their first night of marriage makes love to her but she doesn't have an orgasm! This happens for many nights in a row until eventually he goes to a sex doctor. "Doctor I can't make my wife orgasm" he informs the him.
"Well, why don't you hire a young stud to stand over the bed and wave a towel while you make love to her." is the doctors suggestion.
"Ok Doc, I'll try"
So back to his wife he goes with a young stud and makes love to his wife while the young man stands above the bed and waves a towel, but still no orgasm!
Back to the doctor he goes and he is advised to make the stud stand naked and wave the towel!
Back to his wife he goes and again no orgasm, by this time the old man is really annoyed!
So for the last time he goes to the doctor and this time he is told to reverse the roles and let the young man make love to his wife while he waves the towel.
So off he heads home and lets the stud make love to his wife. After a long, hard session the wife has a screaming orgasm, in fact she has mutiple orgasms!! The old millionare taps the young man on the shoulder with a hugh grin and says, "See, thats how you wave the towel!!!"

Rating: 6/10